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Small Business Guide to Video Marketing


Using video as part of marketing benefits many businesses of all sizes. The key to their popularity lies in their ease of relating to communication and expectations with customers across multiple platforms. As the shows go the video is simply the best way to make your customers or opportunities feel free to buy.

With access to the growing broadband internet, businesses are turning to video to engage with new and old customers in their decision-making processes. Businesses and perhaps your competition join a video bandwagon to help capture value for their viewers. Video marketing can be fun and rewarding.

Video Growth

Current global weather estimates that the average person will watch 100 minutes of video online each day by 2021. In fact, a survey of advertisers reveals that 88% of them claim that video marketing provides them with Return on Investments (ROI). In addition, 92% of advertisers say that video is an important part of marketing strategy. With over 75 million Americans watching online videos every day, video marketing offers attractive opportunities for advertisers to benefit from the growing popularity of online videos.

The good news is that you do not need much to get started. Your marketing video can be used for your website or social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram; the sky is the limit literally. The warning here making marketing videos requires a learning curve. First of all, you will need to have the right amount of knowledge and tools to make a positive impact on your video marketing efforts.

If people like or share your video content it can be a virus when it comes to social media. Permissions like these have the potential to increase your reach. If information comes from someone they know, the recipient is more likely to view, like, or share it. That is why many businesses include videos in their mix of marketing in addition to email marketing and communication access to get the best results. But creating video content for use online can be tech-heavy. However, it is not difficult to do once you have learned the basics.

What Is Video Marketing?

Sales are an important part of the overall success of a business. Marketing includes all the steps involved in combining your products, messages, sales, distribution, customer service, and other business actions to meet the wishes of your most important business asset, your customer.

There are many ways you can market your business with today’s digital platform. Whether it’s email, social media or video marketing, you have options.  Unlike video advertising designed to arouse interest and increase sales, video marketing content strives to engage with your customers at the highest level. Video marketing can help improve your online presence, promote better brand awareness, allow you to improve interaction, and build trust. Video Marketing is a subset of video marketing that helps businesses generate sales for their products or services.

By its very nature, the video formats appear attractive, engaging the viewer and attracting its attention. In today’s age of communication and mobile devices, video can move easily, which can help increase your brand awareness. The infection will mean that your content, in this case, the video, will see the reaction and share it regularly.


With this level of engagement, you can build the following on a specific topic, social cause; product, service, or promotion that is important to your business. The following comments, likes, and shares will help add credibility and recommendations from your online/social followers. Using content that creates conversation and feedback has a high chance of being shared with a wider audience.

If your customers can find content that makes your product easy to use and enjoy, they are more likely to go elsewhere looking for your competition. This could mean that you missed out on a chance to impress them, or, in some cases, even pay attention to them. This is where playing a solid video marketing strategy is played.

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