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Why the advertisements showcasing adrenaline-pumping activities strike a chord with customers


According to the latest market research, human beings are not rational but are gloriously emotional beings. Ninety-five percent of the human mind is subconscious, and only 5 percent of the human mind is the conscious mind. Most healthy humans act according to their subconscious minds and then use their conscious minds to rationalize their decisions.

Humans are seekers of happiness.

According to neuroscientists’ research, only those whose connective neurons between the brain’s thinking and emotional areas had been damaged could rationally process information but could not decide as they could not figure out how they felt about the stimulus. The moving part of a decision-making process is that important.

However, the common goal of human beings behind all decisions is the positive feeling of happiness. Happiness could be immediate gratification, and happiness could be deferred gratification too. For example, a person would wake up in the wee hours and train extremely hard to become a champion basketball player. This is an act of deferred happiness as the person’s champion status as a top basketball player will enable him to have great wealth and status in society which will lead to happiness. He will also be sought after by the opposite sex, allowing him to choose someone he likes or has a fancy for.

Therefore, the advertising communication of the product to the customer should be that this product leads to the customer’s happiness.

Why do humans love the adrenaline rush of adventure sports?

An analysis of one of the ads that ran for decades in over ten countries will further testify to this fact. In the 1970s and 80s, The Old Spice ad campaign featured an in-shape man riding a surfboard, splashing some aftershave, and later also features a beautiful woman. The entire ad is run to the background score of a time-less classic song called O Fortuna. This advertisement ran for decades in South Asia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and many other countries.

It is said that fear is the killer of dreams, and it is the primary hindrance to happiness. These adrenaline-pumping activities enable the human being to expand their comfort zones by conquering their fears.

Why should the advertisement communication end with a smile?

It is a fact that these adrenaline-pumping activities can end up being fatal, and human beings can be scared to death. The highest mountain, above sea level, Mount Everest, is littered with dead bodies of climbers who have failed to stay alive during their Everest conquering journey. Therefore, showing a successful adrenaline junkie with a smile at the end confirms that their journey of conquering their fears has been successful, and they have effectively expanded their comfort zone.

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Even the think different ad by Apple was an adventure sports ad at a cerebral level.

Humans are said to be social animals and would not like to stick out like a sore thumb. The think different advertisement campaigns by apple showed how people have been successful by thinking differently over the ages. Breaking traditional thinking and doing things differently is also an adventure of a cerebral nature. The advertisement also showcased how people who thought differently were also very successful. Therefore, the experience does not always have to be physical, but it should expand the comfort zone of the person and should end with a smile or some other reward.

The point is that humans like to stay in their comfort zones, but they also seek to expand their comfort zones continuously. This is the point that your advertisement needs to focus on. The most prominent movie franchise character of all time, James Bond, wouldn’t have been so popular if he had ended up dead.

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