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Online Business Ideas for Content businesses


We live in a time of great financial fear, and I am sure many of you have a problem with job insecurity; as the epidemic and automation are taking people out of work.

In this article, I will share seven business ideas online, and explain the pros and cons of each method to help you shape your plan.

Paid newsletter

I love paid storybooks, and I think they are one of the best startup options.

Paid news books are good because they are straightforward. It is one of the only online business ideas that does not differentiate between the content you create; to market the product and the product itself.

In freelancing products, SaaS, or membership communities, creative content is used to raise awareness of a product or service. But with newsletters, the content itself is a product.

This creates it considerably more comfortable for you to stay focused on your content. You can fully focus on building the best newsletter without having to grow up with other management activities.

One of the most exciting aspects of launching a paid monthly newsletter, or MRR.

Membership communities

Membership communities can be very profitable and fun, and you have the opportunity to bring incredible value to members of your community.

A great example of a membership community is Brafton Academy. Our members pay a monthly fee, and as a result, have access to premium courses, masterclass live sessions, events, and V.I.P. newsletters.

Like newsletters, member communities have a huge increase, because you can add more members to your community without increasing your costs.

In addition, you can charge a lot more money by reaching out to a paid membership community than you can access a subscription.

Generally, paid newsletters can range from anywhere from $ 5 to $ 15 per month.

But membership communities can range from anywhere from $ 15 per month to $ 500 per month (and sometimes even more).

Digital products

There is a great need for digital products; especially information products that teach your customers new skills they can use to improve their lives.

Usually, one of these online business ideas comes in the form of a tutorial or ebook.

The great thing about these products is how easy this business model can be made.

Once you have created your product, you do not have to continue to spend time developing it the same way you would with a membership community.

Once you have created your lesson, you can focus all your efforts and resources on selling the lesson.

If your product offers a unique value; in many cases, your customers will encourage you by calling on Twitter or even mentioning your product on their blogs.

When this happens, your product can go away and you will see good sales results.


One of the most common pitfalls for new content entrepreneurs is that they do not know how to come up with business ideas online.

It is not enough to say you want to start a business, you have to have a plan.

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