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How to Use Video to Expand Your Startup Business


With a small budget and a really cool idea, you can engage customers in unusual ways. This is a story about a new company with a new premium product that is entering the big market, the pet space. And how the video narrative drove you into the market.

Show use-case

Video helps to show the product is more effective than any other method. However, it is important that you not only display the product successfully but also make sure that the model matches the lifestyle of your customers. In this example, the BarkerFun team focuses on the lifestyle issue around how a product solves the problem of your loose dog with expensive furniture.

BarkerFun sells an expensive, premium product so the video site needs to match the product. Everything outside and inside the house means quality. High-quality furniture, art collection, swimming pool – all send messages. Then you meet Red, gryphon pointing at the phone. Red is a big, furry, happy family dog. He is also a young man.

The owners said they wanted more time with Red in the house. But he made a fuss. And they talked about how they could give the bullies red food or food in the house and keep their home nice.

Be on time and include real customers

Adherence to your customers’ needs is essential. Especially when a new case of use that you do not cover right now arises. So, just like a utility video, focus on creating timely video messages and increase the number of practical examples you can show. If possible, it is even better if you can use real customers to provide greater authenticity and proof that this is really necessary.

This video story came about during the epidemic. The client, Sally, is like thousands of other people who work from home. Sally has top-notch clients and does not want any interruptions during her webinars. He needs to focus on his business. She also has a new puppy. Bella, This video shows instead of telling that the puppy has changed from a stubborn, barking puppy to a quiet busy friend. Sally can focus on business while her puppy is fully busy.

Accept updates from third parties

You can find out how good your product is. However, without some kind of public evidence, such as customer reviews and testimonials, new customers just take your word for it. That’s why it’s important to welcome authorized third-party reviewers who are not affiliated with your business, talking about your product.

This story is an example of using an outsider who has the authority to describe a product but from their point of view. In this example note the video is not written so it is credible and credible. It looks and sounds natural. Treat Clincher happens to be a large piece of solid aluminium. In this video, it was important for the viewer to also feel how strong the Treat Clincher is.

Let the vision speak

There is a reason why videos work so well. The visual and interactive environment makes it much easier to digest than even written copy and photographs. Sometimes, even noise can interfere with effective storytelling, so sometimes it is best to keep things simple.

Some videos without the best-spoken words. In this case, BarkerFun does not sell dog handles. BarkerFun sells some quality, calm, peaceful time while you have your dog.


If you plan to hire a video recorder, ask him to include two or three small videos for your main theme. Small videos are usually 10 to 30 seconds long and can be used for comic ads. Also, ask your video recorder to create a few different icons. You can change thumbnails from time to time and it will appear to your audience as a new video.

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