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How the black and yellow logo helps to market your products or services?


Marketing is one of the most important aspects of business today. It is said that thoughts become things. It is a well-known fact that colors influence human emotions and thinking; therefore, colors become things. According to psychologists, colors can influence thoughts and initiate action in a human being.

Research has shown that different Color combinations profoundly impact the customer. Since every color has a positive and negative impact on the human mind, brands use different color combinations that complement each other.

The black and yellow color combination

The positive aspect of the color yellow for branding purposes is that it represents the color of sunshine. According to MRI studies, it stirs up positive emotions of happiness and optimism. Still, it also conveys unleashing of a childlike instinct and is not considered a very mature color. The color black is representative of the absorption of energy, maturity, power, sophistication, etc. The black color is also associated with emotions of negativity, sadness, etc., and anger.

The color black and yellow, when combined, complement each other in such a way that they take away the negative connotations of each other. The black hole absorbs energy and leads to new creation, while the yellow sunshine gives off power and sustains creation. The childlike exuberance of yellow is counteracted by the sophisticated maturity of the black color.

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The black and yellow color combination has been used by timeless brands such as Ferrari, Mcdonald’s, National Geographic, etc. It has also been the color of choice for many timeless movie characters. In the Rocky movie franchise, Rocky Balboa’s boxing trunks were of a black and yellow combination when he became champion. The personality has been popular with movie-goers for almost 50 years. One of the famous characters of the Transformer movie series, Bumble Bee, is also black and yellow. The black and yellow color combination has a timeless quality to it.

What happens when the pigments black and yellow are mixed?

Contrary to popular belief, the black and yellow pigments don’t form a brown tint when mixed. The two pigments, when mixed, yield a green color. A lot of successful companies have used a green logo. The most prominent, prosperous, and personal green logo is that of Lacoste. The crocodile in the logo is a unique reference to the company’s founder, Rene Lacoste.

He was called the crocodile of tennis because of his intensely competitive attitude. The green color represents nature and is also soothing to the eye, and it also represents genuine strength as the forces of nature are the strongest. The other successful green logo is Starbucks.

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The red and white color combination

Red is the most intense color that can be used for branding purposes. The red color invokes excitement and attracts the attention of the viewer. However, the red color is also associated with danger, warning, and passion. On the other hand, the white color represents innocence, a regal attitude, and calmness. However, the white color also represents inaction and sterility. The red and white color combination once invokes passionate emotions in the viewer while also adding a sense of calmness and control to the use of the white color. The red and white combination has been used by brands such as Coca-cola, Lays, Kelloggs, Netflix, Virgin, Espn, etc., and most of these brands have been the iconic first mover in their niche areas.

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