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Marketing business ideas with low investment methods you should know


Before you start with marketing business ideas, it is worth taking the time to make sure you have the basics for marketing your small business in the area.

Understand your Unique Marketing Proposal

Your Unique Marketing Proposal (or USP) is an attribute that makes your business stand out from the crowd. It could be a special feature or service provided only by you or an operating system that makes you unique.

Do something positive on social media

Time is money, so if you do not have enough time to create a list of new social profiles or strategies for your business, why not find just one simple, amazing thing you can do well on social media. For example, this attic conversion company submits videos of all its completed projects.

Run a race and give a prize

Everyone loves to win something, so a good, inexpensive way to put your product out there is to run a competition for what people really want – whether it’s a free outcome or benefit from you, or just a popular prize. If you get people to do something in return for their contribution (like liking and sharing your page, subscribing to your newsletter or just giving you their email address), you will reap the benefits without breaking the bank.

Get your logo in the real world

Online recognition is important, but don’t forget to bring your product to the “real” world, too! Print advertising, business cards, magazine/newspaper features and company logo at events are good ideas – and they do not have to be expensive. Try a few inexpensive guerilla marketing ideas offline to get your product out there.

Strive to your family and friends to be the representatives of your business

Friends and family are not the only sources of advice; and they are a great, free resource for building your product. Equip them with business cards, flyers or any other tools they may need to grow your business to the people they meet and deal with on a daily basis. It is a great, inexpensive way to expand your circle and introduce your company to people who may not have known it otherwise.

Attend social events

Using a social media platform and building your digital networks is important, but do not forget also the “face to face” of traditional communication! You do not even have to look at the prices, just the membership groups as there are a lot of small, affordable events on sites like that can be considered. Attending a social media event can be a great way to boost your reputation, build relationships and discover new business opportunities, so bring plenty of business cards and be one with your elevator before you leave. Also, check out some of our top performance tips that you can do to prepare yourself in advance.

Hold your customers a meeting or coffee in the morning

Networking is not just a good thing you can do – and it is very important to your customers. So why not make it easy for them to communicate by managing your own meeting, on a budget or in the morning with regular coffee? Open your own office, find an affordable place to rent or just meet in a cafe for an hour or two, invite your customers, lie down for espresso and choose a topic for everyone to talk about. Then make a regular event for everyone to include in their calendar, and consider exchanging hosting tasks to keep costs down.

Create a referral system for a friend

Customer recommendations are the gold dust of your business, so why not encourage people to tell their friends about you. Setting up a dedicated referral scheme can help you make more sales over time and create a stronger sound about your services. Just make sure you include the amount you will need to take on those discounts and make sure your business can accept you!

Enter industry and regional competitions

Awards can be a great way to enhance your profile and spread the word about your business. So look for prize competitions in your industry, and don’t forget local or regional awards. Keep in mind that even if you only make a shortlist and do not win, you can still include those appointments in your marketing materials and website to increase your business profile, which can be more than the entry fee. See details.

Watch for shows, special events, or exhibitions

Commercial events are not just for big money-rich players – there is plenty of room for small businesses to benefit, too. Be aware of what is happening in your area and, if you can afford it, try to find a table or exhibition space in one place where you can show off your belongings. Local shows and exhibitions will cost a lot less to show in it than in the country and may better match your business. If cost is an issue, you may get cheap show prices if you wait until the last minute – or you may be partnering with a partner company to split the cost. And even if you can’t show up, you can still go as a member and use it as a great opportunity to connect. Just remember to pack a bunch of business cards!


In conclusion, those were some of the best options to make profitable marketing business ideas. So, if you like this article on marketing business ideas please share it with all relevant people.

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