What do I need to open a small business in Barcelona?


You may need documentation and other things to open a small business in Barcelona. Today we are going to discuss the steps to Open a small business in Barcelona.

To open a small business in Barcelona you may need lots of things. Until and unless it is an online business. Because for that you only need a social media platform to sell your things. But if it is a legal typical business then you may need lots of other things. Today we are going to discuss all the steps that will help you to open a small business in Barcelona. Let’s start with the discussion now! 

  • Certificate from Mercantile Register

 Certificado Negativo de Nombre is the second name of this certificate. It is basically a tool that check if the name of your company already exist or not. In case if the name you have suggested is already in the marker or not. If the name already exist then you have to choose some other name otherwise, you can go with the old name. They have their online website where you can check the names by your own.

  • Get the tax identification code

This is like getting a CIF from the tax officer itself. For this you need to submit the Mercantile certificate to the tax officer. Submit this along with the residency proof or passport. Also give the address of your company. Country name is important here. 

  • Bank account 

Next thing you need to do is open a bank account. The bank account must be in the name of the company. You need to deposit a minimum amount of 3000 Euros. This step will help you to get the permanent tax identification code. Opening a bank account in name of your company is very important in Barcelona.

  • Asset transfer tax

This is the tax that you need to pay. It is one percent of the total that you and your partner has invested in the company. However, remember that you need to pay this amount within only one month period of sign of incorporation. You also need to sign incorporation in the previous step. That is also an important step. 

  • Register the company 

Last as well as very important step is to register your company. Without registering your company won’t be considered as the legal one. Here you need to give the proof of all the previous steps. For example the tax certificate and the name certificate is a must thing. Apart from this CIF is also important. This is definitely done at the Mercantile registry office. 

These are the five steps to open a small business in Barcelona. See it is not as essay as opening a new business om social media. You actually have to run lots of errands. Don’t skip any of the step otherwise, your business will be consider as illegal. These steps may take long enough time but at least you will have a legal business.

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