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Online business ideas without investment step by step guide


Online business ideas without investment have become much easier with the advent of cheap internet communication and the availability of smartphones.

As the world grows and changes dramatically day by day. India will also create more business opportunities online. Especially if you want to do it without investing.

There are hundreds of online business ideas that happen every day. The globe is now hanging on the Internet. From e-commerce forums to home-based food services, everyone is trying to transfer their business online. It could be anything like a website or an app.

Access to services through a cheap internet connection has occurred in many offline services. Therefore, online company options are expanding day by day. Let us first understand the features of online business in a country like India.


Blogging is a very reliable online business to make money easily. You just need to build a website, publish blog post articles and place ads to earn money. is a free forum for blogging and making money online. You can create a website for free here and publish articles on any topic you like. After you publish a few quality articles, you can apply for Google Adsense for a fee. Can you read here briefly how to earn $ 1000 / month with Google Adsense?

Blogging is an easy and fast way to make money online. However, you just need to choose a less competitive blogging topic.

You can easily start making money after blogging for 2-3 months continuously in a low competitive niche.

In addition, there are many bloggers earning more than $ 10000 a month. To reach this level of leadership. You need to keep more patience and you should invest less. is a free forum for building a blog and making money. However, it has many limitations to grow your blog business at a professional level.

You need to purchase a hosting plan and a domain name to create a website that you own.

Here you will have individual control over your website and its structure. You can create unlimited content with many custom themes.

PTC sites

PTC sites are very simple home-based online job sites. There are many PTC websites on the demand. However, many of them are false and some are real. That is why I have created a list of the most trusted PTC sites here.

There are many different functions available on these sites. You can take online surveys, complete tasks, watch videos, click ads and much more.

They have many different small functions that can be easily done with just a few clicks on your screen. You just need an email address to register here and a checking account to receive payments. After that, you can get payments in many different ways like PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Payza etc.

You just have to work consistently and you will be paid for every click. Click-to-Pay ad jobs are easy to do but hard to find. You need to focus on your work and you can always earn an income.

Affiliate Marketing

Integrated marketing is another option to start your online business in India for Online business ideas without investment. Like many other businesses. It is also a marketing business.

Many companies around the world are using affiliate marketing programs to increase their sales. You just got to sell their products to your audience.

They will pay you a good percentage of the commission on the product price.

For example, the amazon affiliate is an amazing start to affiliate marketing. You just need to visit the amazon membership website and register with your email address and account details.

After registration and confirmation, they will provide you with a specific link that corresponds to your transfer id.

As anyone will buy the product using your related link. You will accept a charge on every deal.

You can create a blog to share relevant links or you can share links to your social media accounts. If you use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or any other social media website from long ago.

If you’ve got an honest number of followers or subscribers. You can easily share with you relevant links and encourage your audience to buy products from your link.

SEO expert

Seo still looks like a technical term for most people in this world. Search engine optimization is a process of improving the quality of a website on Google.

Every website proprietor desires to rank increased on Google search outcomes. It will grow their business and sales. Seo experts make this task easier and make their website more trustworthy on Google.

You can learn SEO by taking 4-6 months courses or you can study them online. However, people rely heavily on people with certificates. After that, you can easily sell your SEO services to any website business.

People want to start their own online businesses but do not have the time for these SEO techniques. SEO professionals can easily make over $ 1000 a month every month.

Fiverr: Market Online Services (Online Business website)

Fiverr is the most trusted online business platform for tech people. If you can create logos with photoshop or know image design or web design. Here you will find jobs in the whole digital industry.

You can also do many activities here such as title writing, copying, web development, video creation, voice recording and more. You should visit once and you will see what you can do.

Here you need to first analyze the classification. Find out which class best fits your mastery. Now create an account and create a few gigs to define your services. You can sell your services for $ 5 – $ 3000.

The most important and impossible thing about Fiverr is getting the first order. It is very difficult to get your first order from Fiverr. It is because there are thousands of individuals selling their services.

Youtube (Online business ideas without investment)

An online business in India has become very popular among people after the advent of Youtube.

As we are all already familiar with youtube and its business vision. If you are new to youtube.

YouTube is operated and operated by Google. You can build a channel on Youtube to upload your videos. After further uploading videos, you will begin to increase your subscribers.

After getting at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing on your channel. You can easily place ads on your videos using Google Adsense.

YouTube is a fast-growing search engine that happens on Google every day. People prefer videos to article articles. YouTube is already providing thousands of jobs online.

You just need consistency on YouTube to provide your audience with quality content. YouTube is already transmitting to television audiences online.

It has many great potentials for the future. So don’t waste any more time and create your own channel on YouTube now.


Here you know all about starting your online business in India to be successful. There are many online advertisers who are already earning thousands of dollars each month. You can also make all of that happen. You just need complete instructions to get started.

I always work to find the best ways to make money online. You can subscribe to our newsletter so you can easily get notifications on all the latest posts and updates. I also want to know your personal views on Online business ideas without investment in India which will be really helpful to many other people.

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