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4 best small business Ideas


Many want to start a business of their own but lack the capital(money). So, here we are going to discuss 4 small business ideas to start with a small investment.

Designing and selling the print-on-demand t-shirts

So, we all wear T-shirts and we always want the printing on the T-shirt to match our personality. If you make or print on Blank T-shirts with the pictures or messages that the customer wants then it is a great business Idea. So, You will need a machine that can print on T-shirts and some blank T-shirts.

You can start this business in Local and also in the online medium. You can make a website where people can choose or upload the pictures that they want to print and the size of the T-shirt. Then you will be printing on them and deliver it to them. If you want some templates you can make designs by freelancers as well. So, overall it is a good small investment Business.

Book Publishing/eBooks

These days the demand for E-books has risen to a great extent. So, it gives a great opportunity for a good small business to run. If you know any kind of writer or if you can write a book then it’s great. But if you do not know anyone like this you can even contact some freelance copywriters to write a book. Then you can sell that book in many different E book stores like Amazon, Google playbooks, and many more.

This will not require a lot of time but can make a great profit for you. It will require no investment if write on your own. But if you hire a freelancer it will cost some money. So, this one is also a good business idea to consider.


If you are having great knowledge in any particular field or topic then you can also start a consultant business. The fields include finance consultants, marketing advisers, social media, communications, etc. Many business owners now require consultants to make decisions, take tips, and many more. It is a growing business. You can scale it to a large business if this works well for you. This one would be a great future-proof business Idea to start with minimum capital.

The only thing that you will require is to approach the business that are in your fields.


There are many ways that you can make money through the skills of photography. If you have an interest in photography it can make you a lot of money through the photography business. So, there are many types that the business work like you can be a portrait photographer where you need to take good shots of people or group of peoples. Also, there are landscape Photographers for those who love to take cool nature shots. these photos are later sold at very high prices on the internet.

You can also start a wedding photography business alongside. Or you may also provide cinematography services. Nowadays in the evolution of social media, the business of photography is growing rapidly. Many of them are getting success in this time period in this business.

The requirement here is a good multipurpose camera or DSLR. Also, a good PC where you need t edit those pictures.

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Always having a business is good and the business mentioned above is can be continued on a per-time basis. So, if you like this blog, please do share it with all your friends and families.

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