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Which small business ideas can be started with a 50000 rupees


Many small business ideas can be started with a 50000 rupees business. You just need to choose the right idea for your business with the right strategy.

In this article, we will talk about business ideas that you can start with at 50K rupees. With an investment of 50000 rupees business, you can start several businesses in your area that will generate huge profits.

Let’s take a look at the 50,000 investment business ideas that have the potential to be successful long-term businesses.

Food Delivery Business

This business is one of the most popular and traditional business options you can start with at a cost of 50K. As many people after being officially employed decided to dedicate themselves to preparing different types of food to sell.

The idea is to work from home to keep costs down and you should only worry about preparation equipment that will cost less than 50,000.

As for the menu, the options are as varied as it is possible to sell from fast food and dinners to breakfast, vegetarian meals, or regular dishes.

Therefore, you should make sure you create a specific book to specify your contribution to customers. Then work from the footing of the list annihilating problems that aren’t worth the struggle.

Don’t forget to set opening hours, reasonable prices and have at least one domiciliary distributing orders.

Visual assistant

An online administrator, who only needs skills in the area, computer, phone, and internet access. Typically, tasks include email management, document preparation, event planning, meeting planning, report writing, among others.

Sometimes it often covers a website, social media platform, or online store management services.

If you already have previous experience as an assistant, it will be easier for you to do the job.

As a professional, you can start this on any freelancing website but for a business to start you need your website and you have to make promotions to get customers.

My suggestion would be that you should first work for private sites to find customers and build good relationships with them and start your own business. It is a great niche under the 50000 rupees business category.

Beauty counsellor

This is one of the business ideas you can start with by investing 50000. A beauty consultant markets products from cosmetic products known as Nature, Mary Kay, or Avon.

These types of products operate under the direct sales business model where the commission of their sellers is between 25% and 50% in sales. They also get some benefits for their good performance and discounts on products.

To get started, you should contact a partner who is already working with you to help you start the linking process. Also, you can apply directly to the website of your favourite company.

Additionally, you can be a link to several products at once, selling through a catalogue or online store that offers the same type. For investments, you will need to get the first kit to start trading.

Being a beauty consultant is a very effective and quick way to start making money, which allows you to manage your time and work at home. Remember that in order to be successful in business you need to have business acumen, customer service skills, and empathy.

Content writing services

Digital content writing has opened hundreds of business opportunities in recent years. Thanks to the Internet and extensive use of social networks, blogs, web pages, and forums. Currently, many companies are working to improve their online presence, so they are concerned about creating and distributing online content.

Therefore, this is considered to be one of the leading business ideas under 50,000 investments.

Here, you must have writing skills, spelling, grammar, creative ability and creativity. After that, you can upgrade your work on platforms like Freelancer or Fiverr.

These are ready to find work projects related to writing and content creation. Some of the choices you can analyse as a content writer are:

  • Video transcripts
  • Style adjustment
  • Travel writer
  • Content for company websites
  • Educational resources such as reports and online databases
  • EBooks
  • Articles in blogs, magazines, or newspapers.

Translation Services

There is no doubt that distance and geographical boundaries are no longer barriers to business. Therefore, it is important to speak a second language in order to communicate well with people and companies abroad.

Many companies are aware of this and are looking for translators who will serve as interpreters for the talks or manage the texts.

So if your professional training is in foreign languages ​​or you have complete language instruction, this is a great opportunity to make money.

You do not need any investment, just provide quality service and make yourself known. You can also do this by publishing your resume to various remote services or forums. It is a great niche under the 50000 rupees business category.

Photography Business

Stock photography is another business of your 50,000 investment that requires a small investment. It is about selling quality images on specialized websites or photo banks such as iStock, Fotolia, Shutterstock, 123rf, or Depositphotos.

These are responsible for issuing licenses so that outsiders can obtain and use them for promotional, commercial, or editorial purposes.

This is a very useful option if you want to generate extra money in an easy way. However, remember that these are professional photos and that they are your property.

Online classes

The advent of the internet not only changed the way people sell and work but also meant a great change in learning styles.

However, we are now able to teach ourselves through online courses and classes, as well as learn a craft almost. The result is good business opportunities for you for as little as 50k.

To teach online you need a computer, internet access, a camera, and a learning program. You can provide your professional services to students who need academic reinforcement. You can also create an entire system of mathematics, languages, science, history, society, place, etc. Or just give advice on special topics like finance, marketing, management, software, and more.

Take advantage of collaborative learning forums such as Demy and Tupelos, which allow you to become a teacher and upload your own video tutorial.

Similarly, you can use tools like Google Education or Google Classroom to control classes and activities. Also, teach your classes with Google to meet Zoom or Skype.

Online Marketing Business

With an average budget of 50k, it is possible to start an online marketing business, due to the growth of electronic commerce. However, more and more users are hoping to shop online.

As such, it is estimated that 95% of purchases will be made online by 2040. What opens the doors to the birth of thousands of jobs?

Online shopping trends include products such as clothing, cosmetics, books, music, food, travel, electronics, and technology.

Without a product, you decide to sell it, make sure it is quality and guaranteed to users. On the other hand, in this business, you have the opportunity to create your own online store, which will require investment in its development and integration.

Caring for the elderly

This business is not only well known in many parts of our country but also a great business opportunity.

Here, you can make yourself known through tracts or advertisements in your area and surroundings. Also, you can create profiles on social media to specify and advertise your many services.

Rent a room or apartment

If you have an idle house or apartment or have a spare room where you live, you can rent it. It can be as a passing place for guests and guests or as a permanent place for someone else.

Here it is important to draw up a contract that covers all the terms and conditions of the lease. To avoid property damage and non-payment. You can publish a place or room on social media or pages like OLX.


Since 1995, when the Internet was introduced to Indians, it has proved to be a blessing. Smartphones, innovations, and changing perceptions about the employment situation have made starting small businesses the hope of millions of people around the world. Small businesses are now as popular as office workers in today’s world; What you need are ideas for small businesses. Your small business idea could lead you to start a business worth less than 50000 rupees business from the comfort of your home or it could be a wild job, all you need is your time, determination, and dedication.

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