The Best Live Discussion Tools for Small Companies


Live chat makes it possible for a website visitor to deal with a customer service problem or start purchasing an instant message with a sales or support representative from your organization.

When contacting support teams, 41 percent of consumers prefer live, real-time live chat. Sixty-three percent of visitors using live chat said they were likely to return to that website.

Live chat is usually an option within a full-stack, multi-point customer service solution. However, a range of high quality, budget-friendly, dedicated live chat tools are also available for small businesses.


LiveHelpNow provides live chat support to your customers wherever they are, on your website and on other channels such as email marketing and social media platforms. The app monitors site visitors in real-time, and you can customize chat traps to engage customers when they need you.

Vendors or support staff can talk to customers in real-time, and managers can track conversions to see how live chat has affected sales. SMS options help customers use text messaging to get mobile support.

Once the idea is ready for purchase, you can download the auction.LiveHelpNow’s secure; compliant HIPAA-HIPAA platform where the customer can securely enter the order information once in the chat.

Features include built-in reporting that helps managers review customer comments to identify potential improvements or new business opportunities. You can also submit post-interview surveys to evaluate your support performance and where you and your team can improve the service.


What better way to start giving a live chat than a free one? With over half a million customers and over 20,000 conversations a day, MyLiveChat is free, forever. It can be a great way to get an idea of how your business can integrate live chat without having to plan a line item in the budget.

Worried about a live chat that narrows down your site? Asynchronous Loading means MyLiveChat does not use your site resources to work. Also, all conversations are encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption.

Sales and support staff can manage conversations seamlessly through monitoring, key categories, and communication. The free program gives your business unlimited chats, and a few trades, such as access to email reports. But if you need to look back on the previous conversation, you will be able to reach three years of chat history. So make sure you keep an eye on your support volume to make sure you are not leaving customers waiting.

you live5

Alive5 enhances your live chat with automatic pop-ups and messages while integrating with email, social, and more. You can set rules for navigating chat requesters in specific departments, and set the URL, page, and cause delays.

More than 10,000 websites use alive5 to send real-time messages to site visitors. You can also tag the forum with your brand so that WebsiteAlive can feel and look like part of your organization. The service also prides itself on installing “no technical team required”. Use WebsiteAlive throughout your website by adding shortcode snippets.

If so, alive5’s Click-to-Call makes it easy to transfer to the phone. In addition to integrating with other services, you can integrate your live chat with your email marketing campaigns and social media platforms; giving your audience a full live chat. The built-in statistics also provide managers with information on just looking at guest work and chat group activity.

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