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Why do cars gets cheaper for the US market?


The age-old suggestion that buying a secondhand car is the most cost-effective way to get around has, for the time being, gone the way of gold bumpers and fins.

Because new automobiles have become rare. It is all because of supply chain issues and microprocessor shortages. Conflict in Ukraine is also responsible for this. This is all because Ukraine manufactures a huge portion of the wire harnesses for almost every car. Buyers are now turning to automotive motors to buy their vehicles. Including a February survey by automobile search engine website iSeeCars, this has driven up costs to the point where a “lightly worn” car is now 1.3 percent, or $533, more costly than its new vehicle counterpart. And that’s simply the standard deviation.

New vs. used

According to iSeeCars’ research of 1.5 million Mercedes-Benz G-Class luxury SUV sales in January, an average used, year-old Bmw G-Class luxurious SUV is about 36% more expensive than new, fetching an astounding $62,705 premium above the company’s suggested price. A used Chevrolet Corvette will set you back $16,645, or 20%, less than a new one. New-car dealership waitlists for the most popular models will there till the 2023. This is the approximate date. 

On the used-vehicle lots, well-heeled purchasers — and those who just need a car now — are discovering their answers. Executive Analyst Karl Brauer of iSeeCars’, two major extremes are lying on the top dollar: gas-guzzling SUVs and prize. As well as cars compact that are more fuel efficient.

 Many customers’ calculations appear to be altering as gas prices rise beyond $4. According to iSeeCars, the Hyundai Accent and Kia Rio, both compacts with good fuel economy to counter current high gas costs, cost nearly $2,000 higher as used vehicles than they do as new automobiles. The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid crossover, which is there after for its 40 mpg EPA rating. It normally costs an extra $5,298 when we use the purchase. 

Semiconductor shortages “motivated the manufacturers to priorities creating larger vehicles, such as giant SUVs or trucks, which are significantly more profitable,” according to Jesse Toprak, chief analyst for Autonomy, which delivers electric cars on a subscription basis. As a consequence the main price of the second hand vehicles that are gas efficient, hybrids as well as electric vehicles has increased a lot more. 

So, where have all the ‘bargains’ gone?

According to Brauer, not all used cars have witnessed exorbitant price rises. iSeeCars report also mention the top 15 cars which are new and still very expensive.

Some vehicles that haven’t sold well in prior years, such as the Volkswagen GTI and Acura MDX, made the list, as did some outgoing versions of redesigned automobiles. Despite this, costs are rising across the board.

“Buying a lightly used car rather than a new car can still save money,” he explains.

 The new normal of shopping

If you absolutely must buy a car right now, here are some options to consider: Finish your homework. Consider doing some vehicle purchasing online.

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