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What business can you start with a finance degree?


So, Are you a financial professional, chartered accountant, or professional accounting and want to start a business? Find here a list of top beginner financial business ideas that can be started with a small investment and a finance degree.

Firstly, Financial services are probably the largest industry under the sky. Also, this is an industry that does not require a specific educational background in most cases. Instead, it requires skill, sufficient knowledge, and a little knowledge about the topic. So, the financial services industry has huge profits. Commercial banks, commercial banks, asset management, and insurance are major components of the industry.

Recent technological advances and the increase in internet access have transformed the financial services industry. In recent times, with online lending, money transfers, and credit ratings; FinTech companies are breaking the dominance of major financial services players in new ways.

1. Start a Personal Finance Blog

Firstly, there are many successful blogging bloggers online and making good money. Any financial expert with writing skills can create a successful financial blog.

Before starting a financial blog, it is advisable to choose a financial niche that is being searched by a large number of people online.

2. Angel Investment Company

Angel’s investment is very popular in the beginning community. For financial experts, it is among the most popular financial business ideas. You can start investing your money and become an angel investor.

Alternatively, you can start a community of angelic investors. It will serve as a dedicated investment platform for beginners. If you have a network with investors looking for an investment, you might consider starting a business.

3. Audit Firm

An audit firm is a viable business venture for professional auditors. Every small and large business needed an annual audit. Proper communication and marketing are needed to get clients. The market is huge. You can also provide additional resources such as internal audit, costing, etc.

According to Payscale, the average annual salary of an auditor in the United States is currently $ 56,910.

4. Bureau De Change

Firstly, this is one of the most profitable financial services you can start with very little investment and a finance degree. Money in every country is different. Anyone visiting international destinations needs to change their currency. With the right license, you can start this business.

5. Business for Sale Divination

Your primary responsibility as a business vendor is to assist customers in buying and selling businesses. The work includes adjusting business estimates to find market prices; business listings, business marketing, potential buyers, showing business, answering questions; working with their customers to negotiate a fair sale price, and assisting with everything. closing financial deals.

6. Business Subsidy & Grant Consulting

So, there is a Govt available. funding and grants for different types of businesses from different agencies. Small business owners are looking for professionals who can do paperwork. And all the work required on their behalf to get funding. If you have knowledge and experience on a particular topic; you can start this business and even talk to part of the niche.

7. Collection agency

So, Collection agencies are a specific agency that collects payments on behalf of the organization to its creditors or customers. Also, Sufficient knowledge of the product and experience is required to start this type of business.

8. Commercial Bank

This is one of the most beneficial monetary services to start with a finance degree. This is definitely a big deal. Proper planning, registration, licensing, and staffing are essential to this business.

9. Debt Collection Agency

The business of a debt collection agency is profitable and can be started at home. You can start this business by investing at a low cost. It is advisable to work within the company before starting your debt collection business.

10. Forex Trading

This is a really risky business to start with. Sufficient information is required. You can start this business as a home base. $ 5 billion is traded in the forex market a day. Therefore, you can make a lot of money in the forex trading business without investing a lot of money.

11. Franchise Consulting

This is one of the best financial businesses to start with a finance degree. You can work in two ways. You can work for a franchise that offers companies looking for customers. If not, you can advise your clients about the right franchise based on location, experience, and investment potential.

12. Independent Accounting

One can start a private bookkeeping business at home with a small initial investment. Every undersized or big organisation needs enterprise accounting. For a business to be effective, proper accounting is needed.

13. Earning Consulting

Throughout the business cycle, companies often look for opportunities to make money. Your main responsibilities are to evaluate the balance sheet, make proposed refund estimates, identify the best fundraising options, and finally plan the same.

14. Gold loan company

So, a gold loan is a very secure loan. This is also one of the best ways to get quick cash for someone with gold. It is recommended that you check your country’s law. The business is very profitable.

15. Insurance Agency

It is one of the most comprehensive financial services providers in the business. You can start a business with an investment of almost zero. As an individual insurance agent, you can sell life insurance, medical insurance, accident insurance, and car insurance.

16. Micro Finance Company

Microfinance Company is a profitable business not only in small towns but also in big cities. However, proper and comprehensive licenses and registrations are required to start a small business in any country around the world.

17. Mutual Fund Investment Agency

Shared investments are highly profitable investment options today. You can start this business as a consultant. Your main responsibility is to invest in your customers in a way that makes a profit; based on your investment value and tenor.

18. Stock Exchange

Stockbroking is another profitable online financial service you can start at home. If you have a good customer base and a reputation for profitability, you will definitely stand out in this business.

19. Tax Consulting

So, a Commerce stream background is required to start this business. You can start a home-based business for a small fee. Independent tax consultation will allow you to accept different customers for a higher salary than your potential client.

20. Venture Capital Company

So, starting a venture capital firm is a really lucrative business. You can also form a community organization for venture capitalists. A large amount of investment is required.


In conclusion, those were some of the best options to make profitable financial services with a finance degree in today’s world. So, if you like this article on profitable financial services for a finance degree please share it with all relevant people.

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