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Which business is highly profitable in India?


In a country like India, where there is so much unemployment; the launch proves a good idea. While some people are very satisfied with working 9 to 5 jobs, or longer hours, some people want to start their own businesses. People often think that there is a lot of money needed to start a highly profitable business, but this is not true, you can always start your own business online or offline with a small investment.

Even some of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs start their own businesses at a very low cost. A good example is Facebook, started by Mark Zuckerberg and his college friends in the dormitory but is now one of the world’s leading businesses.

Here I have listed both the most affordable online businesses and the least expensive offline businesses, so you can choose the most suitable one. These Indian businesses are very profitable, in terms of their initial level of cost.

The making of incense sticks

The incense burner is also known as Agarbatti has a unique purpose in our society. It has been burned in religious and community activities for centuries. So, It is used in Indian homes as a fragrant ingredient and is known to have insecticides and antiseptic properties. It is a type of cottage that needs many workers in the traditional industry. Agarbatti is used by communities living in India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Indians living abroad. In addition, it is an export-oriented business. About 90 foreign countries currently use Agarbatti. It requires the use of low-tech technology. It can, therefore, be easily transferred to rural areas, thus, utilizing government policy for rural industrial development on a large scale.

If you decide to make 2,25,000 packets a month and sell them for Rs. 2.3 per pack and the minimum investment required would be Rs. 4,93,113 covering total costs (equipment costs, operating costs, production costs, and other costs). This will result in a net profit of 7.11% with an ROI of 30.94% per annum. This is the reason why Incense is one of the most lucrative businesses in India when we consider all low investment businesses. Most of the equipment can be found in Mysore and Bangalore.

Bus Service Website

This is an inexpensive online-based business that can make you a millionaire. As 90% of people travel by bus in India and people are always interested to know in advance the bus schedule and all related information like ticket prices, bus route, etc. So it can be a very lucrative business with that, a small investment if you allow people to book buses on your website or app.

A bus service website such as Redbus. which provides information on all of this can be very helpful. It will also provide details of the tickets from which tickets can be booked or who can earn their money by booking the tickets themselves. This business requires accurate knowledge of downtown bus routes. However, it is important to have good IT skills in order to maintain a website and connect with customers. This business involves a small investment of Rs. 2,00,000 and the total expected profit is close to 10%. The minimum time required to achieve break-even in this business is five months.

Hotel Housing Services

According to the Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI), India will need 15 million hotel rooms in all categories by 2020. So the need for hotel authorities to keep their rooms clean paves the way for the business to grow. To succeed in this business world, you will need excellent communication and management skills. Requires a minimum investment of Rs. 3,00,000 and provides a total profit of about 20%.

Property Management

If you have a small initial budget of Rs. 3,00,000, this business could be very profitable. You need to find a suitable workplace and be prepared to take responsibility for detailed documentation and customer documentation processes. So, save most of their time. The prerequisite for this business is sufficient marketing and marketing skills. In addition, you can expect to earn almost 50% of your profits and you can achieve a break-even status during the month.

Event Management

Event Management has always been the most profitable business in India. It could be a wedding event or the presentation of a company product or any other activity; people prefer it to be organized and celebrated on large scale. However, the host may not have time to pay attention to every detail of the job. Art shows that it is a great game in making the industry a success. With a total profit of about 15% and a small investment of Rs. 4,00,000, this company can achieve a state of relaxation depending on the quality of the projects it receives.

Pre-Hiring Testing

If you have a small startup budget of Rs. 5,00,000, this is a profitable business to invest in. Companies want to hire the best team member. You can assist companies by providing them with specific services such as testing at various levels and evaluating candidates based on their performance in these tests. However, you need a combination of good marketing and sales skills to work well in this domain. The minimum turnaround time is two months, and you can achieve a maximum profit of about 25%.

Custom gifts

In India, there is a custom of exchanging gifts at all times, be it a celebration or a birthday. Gone are the days when people gave gifts of humanity. Today, people prefer to give custom gifts as they are very attractive such as custom jewellery, cards, custom videos, etc. It is important to have the knowledge of the best gift makers in town. It is important that you be creative, compassionate, understanding, and looking for new gifts. You can wrap the gifts in an eye-catching way before sending them to your customers. It can take at least three months to achieve a match that can provide a maximum profit of about 20% with a small investment of Rs. 1,00,000.

Online advertising service

With the growth of the IT industry, the demand for online advertising is growing. Everyone is trying to get the details of their products and services to reach the target audience. With this, they are willing to pay website owners who can provide them with the right location. If you have a good network and media editing experience and you have contacts and website owners, then this business can earn you 20% profit on a small investment of Rs. 3,00,000 and the minimum time to achieve equity is 1 year.

Scrap Collection

There is an informal sector that includes rag pickers, local Kabaris, consultants, recycling industries, and wealthy entrepreneurs who work in the waste collection industry and earn their share of profits while using the MCD waste management system. It is a lucrative business where the activity of the illegal waste collection industry begins. If you decide to deal with scrap you can contact any manufacturing company and make an agreement with them. You can collect their discarded items and sell them at very high prices in the industry or to the people who need them.

For example, you come across the company’s boring metal. You buy it for Rs. 10-12 kg. However, the market price is Rs. 35 kg. It sells to a customer for Rs. 25 per kg, thus earning your share of the profits. You will need to collect the leftovers and sort the items according to their properties and purpose. The previous requirement for this business is that the seller must have a basic knowledge of the current price of each item and should know the buyer who can offer him the best price. Scrap business can be started by investing less than Rs 3,00,000 to buy valuable valuation tools and contact vendors. The profitability of a business will vary depending on the item you are working with. However, whatever you choose, this business will always be profitable if you give time to your business.


So, those are all highly profitable business models and most of them are highly profitable. So, if you like this article on highly profitable businesses please share it with all your friends and family.

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