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4 basic principles of marketing


Marketing looks an easy task however it is not. You need to follow the four major principles before planning the marketing strategies. We will discuss those principles today.

Without good marketing skills a business is unsuccessful. Moreover, it is incomplete without the marketing. Marketing seems very easy however it is not. A good marketing strategy is very important in any business. We can say there are some principles of marketing that need to be followed. These principles are the core of any marketing strategy.

Let’s discuss these principles down below:

  • Product

According to the co founder of itRate product is an essential marketing principle. Many businesses ignore the appeal of products before choosing what to offer. In simple words, we can say that you need to see the products from the customer’s eyes. Look if the customer wants that product or not. What is the impact of that product on the customer.

At first, look at the need of a product, its quality, and how that product is different from other’s products. You nand the product with great quality so that it deserves the marketing.

  • Price

The second is the price of the product. There are two types of prices like market-oriented prices and cost-oriented prices. Before marketing, you need to check what price customers are offering and what is the current market price of the product. Furthermore, the price is selected after checking the market value of that particular product. If you are charging high price than the market then the customers will expect more from your product.

In that case, you need to be careful about the expectations of customers. Choose the price accordingly otherwise, the marketing strategy is difficult to make.

  • Place

Place represents the place from where the customers can buy your products. You need to choose an appropriate place for your product. It can be an offline store, showroom, or online website. Once you decide the place then you need to market accordingly. Your place is going to decide the rate of purchasing of the product.

However in today’s world if your product is in a digital showroom then the rate will increase. Because the customers search for any products online before going to an offline showroom. Therefore, put your product in a digital showroom first.

  • Promotion

Promotion means creating an awareness of your products. In this principle, you need to give reasons to people that why should they buy your product only. Promotion is spinal of marketing. Marketing is incomplete without the promotion of your product. The business mainly targets the customers to influence them.

There are different types of promotions like email promotion, advertisement, search promotions, or door-to-door promotions. You can choose anyone according to your ease.

These were the top four principles of marketing. You need to take care of these principles before making a marketing strategy. If you skip any of the principles, the strategy may not work. However, it may look very incomplete. Your product should deserve the promotion. You cannot promote a default product. Therefore, next time before promoting your products look for these four basic principles first.

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