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Best Free Stock Charting Software


Stock Charting Software always makes your technical analysis easier and if it is available for free, it is especially suitable for new and regular traders. They can learn the basics, how to set up indexes, and then move on to more advanced software which is usually money based on further testing.

What is Stock Charting Software?

First, let’s understand what a stock chart is. A stock chart is a price chart that displays time-based stock actions. Time can be hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on user needs.

Here is a special list of popular Stock Charting Software:


TradingView is the best when it comes to free stock charts and a large social community. It comes free but you can also upgrade to its pro version for $ 10 / month.

You can access large market data covering almost all stock markets. Includes Stocks, ETFs, Futures, Shares, Bonds and Cryptos for free.

TradingView real-time scanning and filtering, basic view lists, economic indicators, social features (chat rooms, article sharing, etc.), thought-provoking news feeds from the top positions in the industry, and 160 technical indicators are all very powerful and smooth.

On top of all this, its fast, quick, and easy operation without any credit card, installation, or suspension requirements will win your heart.

Stock Rover

Stock Rover is a free Stock Screener available on the market offering 10,000 stocks and 43,000 shares and ETFs.

Its 10-year integrated historical data and all the basic metrics you need help you hunt for great investment opportunities.

Coming to the chart, we are focused on a mathematical marriage mat which complements its performance on a scan based on 145 basic financial strength indicators.

This does not mean that it does not provide technical guidance. It also offers 9 of them, but as the focus is on investing it focuses more on the basics with the necessary technical indicators such as moving average, volume, and related power.


The TC2000 proposes a third position as it is one of the free software for detailed technical analysis.

The free version has 80+ indexes, with the feature of editing trend lines on the indexes. It offers an excellent list of drawing tools from RSI, OBV, and Bollinger Bands to Andrews Pitchfork and Fibonacci followers.

Real-time charts are available with BATS data, so you can easily see the exact amount and volume from day to day level up to one year per bar.

The built-in TC2000 chat feature helps you connect with your friends. While the free version of the TC2000 is great, many experts still opt for the paid version that gives you wings for just $ 9.95 a month.

Stock charts

StockCharts is one of the leading brands in the field of advanced charts and analysis of industry experts.

Most advanced traders and investors love StockCharts for its sharp charts that give you detailed and accurate presentations, and a wide variety of excellent indicators.

StockCharts ’Point and Image Charts are an excellent offering at no cost at all.

However there are many shortcomings that you only get with paid memberships, but they are worth it.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance’s interactive charts are really good. It provides traders with 114 types of technical indicators for the best charting experience.

Now you can also draw quadrant lines and trend lines as well as backwards. It also provides you with real-time quotes and charts from the BATS system.

So, it is becoming increasingly popular due to new developments such as trading charts in Yahoo and collaborating with Trade. It is so that you can place traffic with your merchant.

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